AirbnbWATCH Launches Washington, D.C. Chapter

The fight for common sense short-term rental regulations in D.C. has hit a fever pitch.

This spring, D.C.’s Attorney General Karl Racine filed a lawsuit against a property management company fostering illegal hotels. The City Council is on the verge of taking steps, with a meeting on July 11, to protect residents and guests of the nation’s capital from commercial operators on short-term rental companies like Airbnb.

The illegal hotel situation in the District has gotten out of control. Residents squeezed by high rents and a lack of affordable housing have said enough is enough to illegal hotels using sites like Airbnb to profiteer off of their pain. Bottom line, this anti-competitive STR business model allows illegal hotels to dodge basic health and safety laws, convert affordable housing stock to higher revenue tourist accommodations, and undermine neighborhoods across the city.

To help you stay abreast of the developments, and to continue to keep Airbnb honest about its business practices, AirbnbWATCH is launching AirbnbWATCH Washington, D.C., the latest in a series of market-specific chapters.

Commercial operators and illegal hotels are a large and growing problem in cities across the country, and AirbnbWATCH D.C. will help us hold Airbnb accountable for its role in helping commercial operators ignore – or simply break – the law.

For more information about the harmful impact of short-term rentals on D.C. neighborhoods, stay tuned to the AirbnbWATCH D.C. page for updates.