“Trust Us” Says Rule-Breaking Airbnb CEO

Guess it’s tough to follow the rules when you’re a billionaire CEO. Airbnb’s CEO Brian Chesky was caught red-handed by Business Insider flouting San Francisco’s law that any unit being rented on a platform like Airbnb must be registered with the city. Turns out, he didn’t register and continued to rent his home on Airbnb almost a year after the San Francisco law was passed.

Was he just trying to make a little extra money to pay the mortgage (as Airbnb claims “the vast majority” of its users are)? Was he just too busy to register? Or does he just think that he and his company are above the law?

San Francisco has been begging Airbnb and other STR sites to help enforce its short-term regulation policy since it began in February of 2015, but according to the San Francisco Chronicle, only 879 of more than 6,000 STR hosts have actually registered as of January 11.

Airbnb has repeatedly pledged (Promised! Sworn! Assured! Guaranteed! Declared!) that it would work with cities to help uphold their laws. But if Chesky doesn’t even follow the rules, how can Airbnb be trusted to live up to its end of the deals it’s cutting with cities across the country?

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