TikTok slams Airbnb after woman posts ‘nightmare’ accommodations: ‘This is not acceptable’

By Katie Mather of Yahoo News.

One TikTok user is feeling “betrayed” by Airbnb after showing up to the house she booked that looked nothing like the listing.

User @phoenruber said she had found photos of what was allegedly a bed and breakfast on Airbnb and while she admitted that the number of photos was “sparse,” there were plenty of five-star ratings and reviews to reassure her. @phoenruber had also used Airbnb before so she felt like she had no reason to doubt its authenticity.

“Airbnb has betrayed my trust,” she wrote in the video.

Once she arrived, however, the place looked nothing like what she’d seen online. Instead, the living area was packed with random items, boxes and furniture and both the air conditioning and shower were broken. 

“Someone save me from this nightmare,” she pleaed.

She also added she had paid to stay in the Airbnb for 10 weeks. Commenters told @phoenruber that she should contact Airbnb and ask for a refund, but in a reply, @phoenruber admitted she was “just going to suck it up” and wait out the 10 weeks.

“This is not acceptable,” a commenter wrote.

“Hoarder nightmare,” another said. “No way.”

“I’m worried for you,” someone commented.

Luckily, in a follow-up TikTok, @phoenruber said she had “escaped from the hoarder’s house” and moved into a hotel. Hoarding is a disorder that causes people to have persistent difficulty with discarding possessions and can wreak serious havoc on someone’s life — emotional, physical, social, financial and legal havoc. It’s not clear whether this is a legitimate case of hoarding.

“I can’t thank you guys enough for pushing me to stand up for myself,” she captioned the clip.

As of now, @phoenruber says she has not received a refund or much communication from Airbnb. The owner of the spot, however, seemed to understand why @phoenruber wanted to leave early.

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