Tell the “Old Line State” to Draw a Hard Line Against Illegal Hotels

Summer in Maryland means enjoying the beaches, getting out on the Chesapeake and finding ways to beat the heat and humidity. This summer, it also means taking a stand against Airbnb’s commercial operators.

As neighboring D.C. considers new rules to crack down on illegal short term rentals that are driving up rent prices and kicking working families out of their homes, lawmakers in Maryland are looking at possible steps to help protect their communities from the devastating impact of illegal hotels.

On Tuesday, September 12, the Montgomery County Council is gathering to consider a series of steps that would regulate Airbnb and crack down on the illegal hotel operators who use the site to avoid common sense zoning and safety rules.  

The amendment to the Montgomery County Zoning Ordinance (ZTA 17-3) proposes to:

  • Modify the definition of “Household Living”
  • Define “Short-Term Residential Rental”
  • Establish limited use standards for short-term residential rentals
  • Generally amend provisions allowing for short-term residential rentals to protect neighborhoods from a revolving door of strangers and other safety and cleanliness issues

The council will also consider a partner proposal, Bill 2-16, that helps address the regulatory aspects of the issue including the registration process and the enforcement of short-term rental rules.

This is good news – and is the type of action supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans. By limiting the number of nights people can stay in short-term rentals if the host is not present, and by setting up a system of enforcement, corporations and businesses in Montgomery County will no longer be able to exploit the system, disturb residential neighborhoods, flout health and safety standards and eat up affordable housing stock.

If you live in Montgomery County, Maryland, join us in Rockville and help us preserve the integrity of our communities. Fight for the rights of middle-class Americans, the elderly, and everyone else who does not deserve to be priced out of their own neighborhoods.

Thursday, September 12 at 7:30 PM. Show up. Help hold Airbnb accountable. Stand up for Montgomery County’s most vulnerable.

All it takes is your voice.