Airbnb’s “New” Tool Chest: Different Shade of Lipstick, Same Pig

May 18, 2017

Airbnb’s updated Policy Tool Chest may be version 2.0, but it’s just more of the same old Airbnb playbook. For example, the Tool Chest touts Airbnb’s “One Host, One Home” policy in New York City, yet just this week the city just hit a commercial operator illegally using Airbnb with a $1.2 million lawsuit.

Airbnb to NY: We’ll Try to Get Rid of Those Illegal Hotels We Said Didn’t Exist

Oct 20, 2016

Looks like Airbnb is finally acknowledging the problem of illegal hotels and commercial operators in New York. After months of being called out for bad behavior and with a bill that threatens to bring numerous fines to the $30 billion company sitting on the governor’s desk, a couple of new policies seems like the...

American Family Voices Demands Transparency from Airbnb on Tax Agreements by Issuing Open Records Requests in Jurisdictions Across the Country

Sep 29, 2016

  Washington, D.C. – Sept. 29, 2016 – American Family Voices announced today that it has issued public records requests to state, city, and county governments across the country that have signed Voluntary Collection Agreements (VCAs) with Airbnb, to demand answers about what really went on behind closed doors to cut these deals. Open...