Airbnb’s ‘Don’t Ask, We Won’t Tell’ Tax Plan

A new Airbnb report claims its tax deals with cities across the U.S. will send their tax revenue “soaring.” But just imagine if the Read More

Report: LA Landlords Make More Money On Airbnb Than Through Long-term Leases

Two of the most expensive rental markets in America, New York and San Francisco, are struggling with how to regulate short-term rental Read More

NPR Report: “Local Governments Struggle with Handling Airbnb Tax Cheats”

Airbnb says it wants to be taxed. Great! Time to put your data where your mouth is. Arlington, Virginia’s Commissioner of Revenue Ingrid Read More

Busted: New San Francisco Report Shows that Most Airbnb Hosts Don’t Follow the Law

Airbnb is in hot water (again) in its home city. As of February 2015, San Francisco law requires all short-term rental hosts to obtain a Read More

National Report: Almost a Third of Airbnb’s Revenue Comes from Year-Round Rentals

Airbnb has an illegal hotel problem. According to a new national report released today, a huge portion of Airbnb’s revenue is driven by Read More

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