Father Says Airbnb Aid After Daughter’s Death Was Damage Control

By Bloomberg News Lauren Kassirer, a 35-year-old New York City high school teacher, was found naked, bruised, and near death in an Airbnb Read More

Airbnb Is Spending Millions of Dollars to Make Nightmares Go Away

From Bloomberg News The way Airbnb has handled crimes such as the New York attack, which occurred during a bitter regulatory fight, shows Read More

White Airbnb Hosts Earn More. Can AI Shrink The Racial Gap?

By Lane Lambert for Forbes White people who host rental properties on Airbnb earn significantly more per year than Black hosts, but a Read More

Study links Airbnb listings to increased rates of violence

By Paul Stevens of Short Term Rentalz US: New research published this week has suggested that the presence of Airbnb listings in Read More

TikTok slams Airbnb after woman posts ‘nightmare’ accommodations: ‘This is not acceptable’

By Katie Mather of Yahoo News. One TikTok user is feeling “betrayed” by Airbnb after showing up to the house she booked Read More

Phoenix Could Require Short-Term Rental Owners to Register With the City

By Steven Hsieh for Phoenix New Times A new Phoenix City Council proposal would require property owners renting out homes on sites like Read More

Airbnb hosts have booked white nationalists, while some guests have found spy cameras — management says it’s improving safety

Ahead of its planned initial public offering next year, Airbnb said it will verify all its listings, but critics say it hasn’t done Read More


Airbnb has denied a recent report alleging a bid to avoid discouraging users from signing up was behind why the property rental website Read More

Shooting, Sex Crime and Theft: Airbnb Takes Halting Steps to Protect Its Users

Airbnb Inc. employees had a proposal in 2017 for making the home-sharing platform safer for both hosts and guests. Everyone who signs up Read More

Home-sharing exacerbates lack of affordable housing

By Janeé Ayers A decade ago, Detroit made headlines for its infamous decline. Rows of vacant and blighted buildings illustrated on the Read More

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