Ghost Hotels in the Windy City

Last week, on the heels of a new study on Airbnb in the Windy City, aldermen debated new ordinances that would regulate short-term Read More

Airbnb’s Purge Pattern

Seems like Airbnb’s data purging is becoming a pattern. After purging 1,500 listings in New York City before turning over data to Read More

NOLA’s Jazz Fest Spotlights More than Music

Word from Jazz Fest in NOLA is that hardworking local hotel and inn businesses were singing the blues, experiencing room vacancies during Read More

Airbnb’s Trouble with the Tax-man

What Airbnb says: “We want to pay taxes; we want to give back to the local communities and pay our taxes Read More

Woman Surprised to Find Her Own Condo Listed on Airbnb

No, that headline isn’t from the Onion. Cautionary tales for Airbnb users aren’t hard to find, but some horror stories are even more Read More

Flouting the Law in Phoenix

The Grand Canyon. World class spas. Golf. Beautiful hiking trails. Illegal Hotels? Yep. In some of Arizona’s most popular vacation Read More

Airbnb’s Bad Actors are Back After the Company’s Data Purge

Heard about Airbnb’s little transparency problem? Looks like it just got a whole lot worse. Yesterday Airbnb confirmed the report and Read More

Airbnb’s Big Purge in the Big Apple

Whoops – looks like Airbnb may have a little problem with the truth. The company has been caught in an attempt to mislead the media and Read More

“Trust Us” Says Rule-Breaking Airbnb CEO

Guess it’s tough to follow the rules when you’re a billionaire CEO. Airbnb’s CEO Brian Chesky was caught red-handed by Business Read More


While Airbnb encourages users to “read your lease agreement and check with your landlord if applicable,” it does not require Read More

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