Exploiting CDA 230 to prevent cities from protecting affordable housing and enabling commercial investors to kick long-term tenants to the Read More


Studies Show Airbnb & Short-Term Rentals Deplete Housing & Raise Rent Pricing. Read the latest factsheet here for more information. Read More

Airbnb’s Not So Sweet 16: Broken Neighborhoods

  Basketball fans around the country are tuning in to see which team will be the big winner of NCAA’s March Madness tournament. Read More

Airbnb and its Commercial Landlords Threaten D.C. Communities

Short-term rentals around the country are being allowed to run rampant without clear rules to follow, destroying neighborhoods and Read More

San Francisco Short Term Rental Regulation: Returning Neighborhoods To Neighbors

In San Francisco, we’re seeing proof that reining in illegal, risky Airbnbs is WORKING. As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, stricter Read More

Ready for Super Bowl Weekend? Not if you’re renting an exorbitant Airbnb in Minneapolis!

Twin Cities’ Airbnb Hosts Busted For Super Bowl Price Gouging Listings as much as 6,000% higher than typical prices NY Daily News: Read More

Airbnb’s Illegal Hotels Face Lawsuit from Aimco

Aimco continues its legal pursuit of Airbnb’s rampant, dangerous commercially-operated rentals.   These illegal hotels – which take Read More

Airbnb price gouging could cost fans thousands to attend Super Bowl

Airbnb price gouging could cost fans thousands to attend Super Bowl Minneapolis Airbnb hosts increase price by as much as $5,000 per night Read More

Coalition of Concerned Citizens Urge D.C. City Council to Pass Legislation to Regulate Short-Term Rentals 

Diverse Group of Community Leaders Call on D.C. City Council to Better Protect Neighborhoods and Put #NeighborsFirst On Tuesday, January Read More

Top tips to avoid secret recordings in your holiday Airbnb rental

We are sharing a series of online content this week to raise awareness of the growing issue of hidden cameras found in Airbnb rentals with Read More

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