Woman finds naked strangers in her Omaha Airbnb

By Kevin Cole

A young woman returning to her Omaha Airbnb rental was surprised early Wednesday to find two strangers naked in the bedroom.

Before she could find out what was going on, the couple got up, dressed quickly and jumped out the window of the first-floor apartment near 41st and Dodge Streets. They then sped off in a four-door pickup truck.

Reflecting on the incident Thursday, 22-year-old Taylor Guest of Taylor, Nebraska, said she shouldn’t have been too surprised.

“If something like this is going to happen to anybody, it would happen to me,” Guest said. “Weird things are always happening to me.”

Guest said she came to town for her father’s heart surgery at an Omaha hospital. Her mother rented an Airbnb apartment for Guest, her 11-year-old sister and an adult cousin.

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