With Airbnb, Freshmen Become Party Hosts

By Chris Russo

A new fad has emerged in Boston College’s freshman class: throwing parties in rental houses through Airbnb.

Two freshmen who attended a Somerville “Airbnb party” in February had such a great experience that they decided to throw their own early this month. These two students were granted anonymity to speak to The Heights.

“Most BC students have more money than sense,” one of the freshman said. “It’s totally not a foreign idea that you can just buy a house in the city for a night and throw a party.”

Freshmen at BC, especially male students, are often left on Friday and Saturday nights with no plans. Even when they’re invited to parties down in Walsh or the Mods, they don’t have the experience they’re looking for.

“You can go to Walsh and the Mods, but it’s not yours,” one of the freshmen said.

Read the full article from The Heights here.

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