‘Wild parties’ at Muhammad Ali’s former N.J. mansion-turned-Airbnb are irritating the neighbors

By Ellie Rushing

Tucked among lush green trees on Cherry Hill’s tony east side, multimillion-dollar homes grace tranquil Winding Drive.

But one of them, the former home of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, is now an Airbnb and has been the scene of large parties and catered events that have drawn loud crowds, fistfights, and massive parking jams. Neighbors say the encroaching renters and their guests are threatening to ruin the quality of life in their leafy enclave, and township officials are poised to enact limits on short-term property rentals.

“It is really changing the character of the neighborhood,” said Erin Gill, chief of staff to Cherry Hill Mayor Chuck Cahn.

In the last two years, Cherry Hill police have visited the house 97 times, according to the mayor’s office. Four weeks ago, a party became so unruly that 12 officers went to the house, where they broke up a fight and found two men unconscious and a third vomiting, police said.

“These are wild parties. Not like parties where your daughter invites the school over,” said a Winding Drive resident who asked not to be named for fear of retribution. “It’s like you live next to one of those catering halls or night clubs.”

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