VIDEO: Shootings, Arrests And Parties Linked To Airbnb Rentals In Providence

Over the past year, there have been a series of crimes linked to Airbnb rentals on Providence’s East Side, in downtown and on Federal Hill. Providence Police Chief Hugh Clements tells GoLocal, “It is a growing problem. We saw a lot of parties at Airbnbs especially in downtown and on Federal Hill before the pandemic. Now, the East Side is having some incidents.” According to police, a shooting occurred on 5th Street in the Summit section of the East Side last year tied to the rental of an Airbnb.  It is an area dominated by young families near Miriam Hospital. The shooting victim initially went to Miriam Hospital and was later transferred to Rhode Island Hospital. The shooter fled the scene. Police later obtained footage of the incident. Last weekend, GoLocal reported a party on Providence’s East Side on Friday night ended in the tasering of an individual well-known to police, who they say is a gang member. The party was being held at another Airbnb rental. According to Providence police, authorities were informed that Reynolds Youboty, a known member of the “Bucket West” gang, was attending the party, while in possession of a semi-automatic firearm. Investigators in the Violent Crimes Task Force had been conducting a months-long firearms investigation related to Youboty The Airbnb party was held at 19 George Street, a house built in 1880 that is now comprised of four condo units. The assessed value by the city of the units is over $1.1 million.

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