They booked an Airbnb for a Christmas getaway. Then their presents and belongings were stolen.

When the Mpofu family booked an Airbnb for a Christmas vacation at Niagara Falls, they brought the standard travel items of gifts, medicine and clothing they would need for the trip. What they didn’t expect following a night out for dinner was that all of it would be gone when they returned.

In a Facebook post describing the incident, Sandra Mpofu detailed how their Christmas quickly turned into a nightmare.

“Our family vacation to the States took a quick turn when we returned to our Airbnb from dinner and found all of our belongings, Christmas presents and my diabetic father’s insulin GONE,” she wrote.

A side door had been unlocked leading out of the unit’s basement, an entryway that Mpofu said the family was unaware of.

“When we arrived at the Airbnb after dinner, my aunt and I noticed that the TV in the living room was missing,” Mpofu told USA Today. “I looked in the corner where I had placed all of our wrapped presents, and they were all gone. That’s when my aunt ran upstairs and found all the luggage gone, as well.”

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