Tenants forced out of Old City apartments as building changes over to short-term rentals

A residential building at 509 Vine St., known as the Boekel building, is turning into an apartment-style hotel. All units will become short-term rentals — à la Airbnb. And residents are not happy about it.

“I’m totally floored,” said Marcie Spitzer, a longtime renter in the building. “It’s upsetting because I like this building and it’s not right to kick people out, especially when they’ve been here this long.

Like others, Spitzer learned about the impending conversion from a certified letter delivered to each tenant that said the building would soon be managed Stay Alfred, a company specializing in short-term rentals nationwide.

“This letter will serve as formal notification that under the terms of your lease the lease will not be renewed,” wrote landlord Daniel Sablosky. “We do know for many tenants who have lived here for many years that this change may be difficult.”

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