Short-term rentals continue to be an issue in North Myrtle Beach

By Samantha Kummerer

North Myrtle Beach city council members toured short-term rentals on Wednesday as problems with the rentals continue throughout the city.

Large crowds of tourist, overflowing parking and increase noise in neighborhoods were all issues council members discussed during Wednesday’s workshop.

Airbnb rentals throughout North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach have increased by nearly 2,500 in the past three years, according to Airdna, a company that analyzes Airbnb data. Airbnb is just one of many rental sites advertising homes throughout the area.

Managing short-term rentals, especially in residential areas, is an increasing challenge facing cities across the nation.

A previous WMBF Investigation uncovered dozens of illegal short-term rentals throughout Horry County. Months later, cities are still coping with unlicensed business and other issues associated with the rentals.

This year in North Myrtle Beach rental companies will self-regulate themselves this season.

Rental owners will set maximum occupant and parking limits for properties and will oversee noise complaints.

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