Rental comes under fire, as Middletown awaits short-term compliance firm

By Derek Gomes

A man was found asleep behind the wheel of a black Mercedes-Benz parked on the front lawn of 4 O’Donnell Road. Beer cans and bottles were littered across the property and along the street. Containers of Bud Light, Corona and White Claw were strewn about the kitchen, living room and other common areas.

This was the scene police officers reported encountering Sunday about 7:30 a.m. after they were called to the home because of the litter outside and several vehicles parked on the yard. Maxwell J. Gilbane, the man who police were told rented the property, was not among the seven men there, the police report said. Police could not reach him by phone and his voice mailbox was full. They ended up mailing him a municipal court summons, citing him with being a social host and a zoning ordinance violation.

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