Police Break Up Germantown Party at House Rented on Airbnb

By Kevin O’Rourke

Last Friday night, the usually quiet cul-de-sac that is Scovell Terrace was rockin’. One of the houses was having a house party, but there was something odd about this party.

   According to neighbors, the street was hopping with cars parked and party goers being dropped off and picked up by Uber and Lyft. The house at 11909 Scovell Terrace was packed with party goers. The house, like many on the short dead-end situated just off Waring Station Road, is a lovely single-family home with pretty green shutters and an inviting double-wide entry door.

   Neighbors have known that the house was for sale and vacant, so the idea that a party was happening in the house surprised them. Round about midnight as the party and the traffic continued somebody called the police to have them investigate.

   According to MCPD spokesman Officer Rick Goodale, 5th District officers were called to the residence shortly after midnight on Saturday, Aug. 25. When officers arrived, they contacted the owner of the house, Shamara Patterson, who was not at the party. The owner told police that she believed that a family had rented the house. She gave officers permission to enter the house and break up the party. The officers had to wade through the mass of humanity to locate the person throwing the party, who told them that he rented the house through Airbnb.

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