Airbnb Horror Stories

Short-Term Rental Home Risks Rise With Popularity

The surge of vacationers using increasingly popular online marketplaces to rent homes for short stays has brought with it a rising tide of Read More

Airbnb Backlash: Island Oasis Dreads Becoming Hamptons Hotbed

Shelter Island has tried to preserve its character by restricting the short-term rental market, angering many homeowners in the quaint Read More

City leaders in Arkansas consider banning Airbnb’s after complaints

City leaders in Marion, Arkansas are looking to ban short-term home renting from neighborhoods after receiving complaints about Airbnb's. Read More

Shooting At Berwyn Airbnb Leaves 27-Year-Old Man Dead; Police Search For Killer

A man was fatally shot at a house party at an Airbnb property in Berwyn on Sunday, and the killer is still on the loose, police said. Read More

‘Like a ghost town’: how short-term rentals dim New Orleans’ legacy

New Orleans’ Treme is regarded as the nation’s oldest African American neighborhood, but some of its residents, like Darryl Durham, Read More

Bar Harbor has turned its attention to vacation rentals amid affordable housing crisis

Years after its restrictions on short-term vacation rentals caused legal trouble for Bar Harbor, the town is wading back into the question Read More

Muncie homeowner discovers Airbnb rental was scene of a shooting

A homeowner in Muncie, renting his house on Airbnb, comes home to find it was apparently the scene of a shooting. Read More

Complaints Over Rowdy Partiers Could Revoke The Airbnb License Of This Denver Manor

As communities grapple with how to regulate short-term home rentals on sites like Airbnb, residents in one Denver neighborhood gathered at Read More

Short-term rentals continue to be an issue in North Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach city council members toured short-term rentals as problems with the rentals continue throughout the city. Read More

New York Empire of Illegal Airbnb Rentals Booked 75,000 Guests, Suit Says

Many residents said they often heard the sound of luggage being rolled down the hallways of the 126-unit building. Read More

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