Nightmare Next Door: Airbnb Boom Causing Concern on Cape Cod

By Ally Donnelly and Jim Haddadin

Imagine buying a house, then watching an investor snap up the property next door and list it for rent on a short-term rental website like Airbnb.

New neighbors arrive each week, throwing parties, blaring music, and disrupting your otherwise tranquil neighborhood by the sea.

Some Cape Cod residents say they’re living that reality as real estate companies and private investors capitalize on the booming market for short-term rentals.

The NBC10 Boston Investigators explored the changing dynamics of the rental market on the Cape after hearing from several concerned residents during the station’s Talk to Ten phone-a-thon.

Barnstable homeowner Heather Hunt says she can no longer enjoy the view out her window after an investor bought the house next door and turned it into a year-round Airbnb. Some days, she says she shuts the doors and windows and stays in her kitchen to avoid the ruckus next door.

“Unless this happens to you, you really can’t appreciate how fundamentally it changes what it means to be home,” she said.

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