Neighbors upset over crowds and parties at Indianapolis Airbnb

By Nicole Griffin

INDIANAPOLIS — People living in a north side neighborhood are upset about what they say are large parties and disruptive crowds at an Airbnb home.

People visiting Indianapolis can rent out the home while the person who lives there is away.

Pete Pappas lives in an old historic home on North College Avenue. A place he has called home for nearly 50 years.

Within the last year, a home across the street was renovated after sitting empty since the 70s. Recently Pappas started noticing different people staying there, throwing parties and even leaving trash in the yard.

And on New Years Eve, he says things escalated.

“There were probably 75 or 80 people in the house. They were parking from 13th Street all the way to 16th Street, on both sides of the street,” Pappas said. “The party didn’t break up until quarter until 12 the next day.”

Pappas said he doesn’t believe anyone actually lives there. However, RTV6 spoke to the property owner who says there is someone who lives at the home three months out of the year.

While the person is away, they rent out the home through Airbnb.

Read the full WRTV Indianapolis article here.

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