Neighbors Fed Up With Parties During Pandemic At NE Miami-Dade Mansion

South Florida nightclubs and bars are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. People drinking are a lot less likely to socially distance, but now, massive parties are moving into neighborhoods and causing problems. 7’s Brian Entin investigates. A beautiful waterfront neighborhood — normally peaceful and quiet. Neighbor: “Sometimes it’s frustrating.” We arrived thinking we were going to meet with a couple of upset neighbors, but a dozen showed up. All fed up with what they call a pandemic party house. Neighbor (in cellphone video): “Hey! Turn the music down.” Neighbor: “This is unacceptable.” Police officer: “That’s why we’re clearing up and closing down the party, sir.” Edward Carrillo, neighbor: “They turned this house into a nightclub!” Oscar Longa, neighbor: “The amount of people that are in the backyard — it’s like being on South Beach.” Neighbors say since the pandemic started, there have been parties at this mansion on 89th Street in Northeast Miami-Dade County.

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