Man charged after caught fleeing area near Highland Park party that is under investigation for possible shots fired

By Karen Berkowitz

Highland Park police are investigating whether gunshots were fired near a New Year’s Eve party that drew more than 100 guests to a short-term rental home in the city.

According to police, Highland Park officers were assisting with a parking complaint in the 1400 block of Ridge Road at 2:40 a.m. Wednesday, when they heard gunshots. Officers then located a large party taking place at a short-term rental home in the area.

Several people left the area while the officers investigated and spoke with others at the party, according to Highland Park police. The conversations did not yield any “verifiable victims or witnesses” to the incident, police said.

“We can’t prove that there were gunshots,” Deputy Police Chief Jonathan Lowman said Friday. “We have no victims. We have no cooperating witnesses. We are processing some evidence, but we really don’t have anything definitive at this point.”

Lowman said that after reaching out to “pretty much every hospital in the Chicagoland area, we have not been able to attribute any victim presenting themselves with a gunshot wound” to the incident.

Read the full Chicago Tribune article here.

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