Like other communities, Laconia takes on Airbnb

By Michael Kitch

A year ago, residents along Old North Main Street — one of Laconia’s choice neighborhoods, marked by attractive homes on manicured lots bordering Lake Opechee — began complaining about the noise and behavior of an ever-changing cast of characters coming and going from one particular property. City officials found the property was owned by a group of Boston doctors who rented it out as, what Mayor Ed Engler called, “a party house” through Airbnb.

The immediate problem was quickly resolved, but the city has been wrestling with the issue of how to deal with short-term rentals ever since. Although city officials agree some regulation is necessary, they remain divided over how close regulation need be and, above all, whether short-term rentals should be restricted to specific parts of the city.

Read the full article from NH Business Review here.

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