Family heirlooms among items stolen from Airbnb in Clayton County

By Zachary Hansen

A Clayton County homeowner spent her Thanksgiving in shock after her Airbnb guests robbed her of family heirlooms and several other items after their weeklong stay, authorities said.

Wendolyn Warren told Channel 2 Action News that a couple and their children were staying at her home off Poston Road in Jonesboro. However, her Ring doorbell camera caught them leaving with several items that are priceless to her.

“They took silverware that’s priceless,” Warren told Channel 2. “They came from my grandfather and my mother.”

In addition, several TVs and mirrors were also missing, she said. Warren told the news station that she kept her family heirlooms behind a locked door.

In the Ring video, a woman is seen trying to block the camera’s lens as a man loaded several items into a parked car. Another video shows the woman wearing a coat that belongs to Warren’s 91-year-old mother, Channel 2 reported.

The couple did leave some items behind though: some of their kids’ stuffed toys and homework.

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