Delaware Newlyweds Say They May Have Been Secretly Recorded While Staying at Airbnb in Oregon

By Tim Furlong and David Chang

A Delaware couple said surveillance cameras inside an Airbnb may have secretly recorded them while they were being intimate during their honeymoon in Oregon.

Madison Gerdts and her wife Danielle told NBC10 they spent their honeymoon at a loft-style Airbnb in Port Orford, Oregon, two weeks ago.

“It was a beautiful home and it had a great view,” Gerdts said.

The couple said they soon made a disturbing discovery however.

“While being intimate, my wife noticed that there was a light on in one corner,” Gerdts said. “She said, ‘Oh my God, there’s a camera.’”

The couple then realized that when the loft gates went down, the bedroom was in view of indoor surveillance cameras. They unplugged the cameras and then reached out to an Airbnb employee.

“The guy started laughing,” Gerdts said.

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