Deadly Carbon Monoxide Dangers At Vacation Rentals

By Julie Watts

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A family of 13 avoided tragedy this Thanksgiving holiday after they were exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide in their Tahoe rental property.

North Tahoe Fire says the rental did not have any carbon monoxide alarms and had levels six times the recommended limit.

Carbon monoxide deaths at vacation rentals have become increasingly become a problem. At least 12 people have died over the last year alone at short-term rentals due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

New Orleans couple, Edward Winders and Barbara Moller, died of carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty gas heater at an Airbnb in Mexico late last year. Their deaths came just after Kevin and Amy Sharp who died in the same way along with their two young children. Their vacation rental was not an Airbnb.

Earlier this year, six Brazilian tourists reportedly died of carbon monoxide poisoning at an Airbnb in Chile.

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