City Hall: Illegal Airbnb rentals common in Lincoln

By Nancy Hicks

Around 80 Lincoln homes are being advertised for short-term rentals on the Airbnb vacation rental website, and many would be illegal rentals under Lincoln city codes.

Renting out your home for a week or a weekend is legal in downtown Lincoln. But it’s not legal in the rest of the city.

And many of the homes advertised are not in downtown Lincoln. They are listed as Country Club, Capitol Beach, south Lincoln.  

You can probably rent out a room, short-term, in a residential neighborhood, without straying far from city code.

A home-based business can use less than 10 percent of a home in a residential neighborhood, but can have no outside employees.

The city doesn’t go looking for homeowners breaking the law, but responds when there is a complaint, generally by contacting the homeowner to explain city ordinances, said City Attorney Jeff Kirkpatrick.

The issue came up recently when a Lincoln neighborhood association, upset with a home being used as a short-term rental, took their complaints via email to the City Council and city attorney.

The owners of the property were not living in the house but were renting it out short-term. At one point it was being rented by Spectrum for contract workers, according to neighbors.

Read the full article from Journal Star here.

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