Bell Meade Island ‘Party House’ Frustrating Residents

The coronavirus pandemic has residents of Bell Meade Island fed up and frustrated. The problem? Parties packed with people blatantly disobeying social distancing guidelines and more, and it appears little can be done to put a stop to it. Miami’s Belle Meade Island is a secluded, quiet paradise. Rita Lagace said, “It was just a wonderful place. It was so quiet, peaceful.” It was peaceful, until neighbors said what they call the “pandemic party house” opened for business. They said at least three nights a week this waterfront mansion turns into a nightclub. When asked how many people are at the parties, Rita said, “Hundreds. Hundreds! No one has a mask on. It is like a joke!” Neighbors have been complaining about the loud music you can hear all the way down the street and the amount of traffic, with fancy cars like Lamborghinis going in and out. Miami Police have shown up dozens of times. Residents are fed up and said they’ve complained to police, the city of Miami and to Airbnb where the home is listed for $3500 a night. Jeri Zaiack, a neighbor, said, “It is like having a night club. At the last party, the people were actually showing their telephones like they bought a ticket. It is like the South Beach scene where people are lined up outside to get in.” Joel Key, a neighbor, said, “They advertise the house as a party house.” At the bottom of the Airbnb listing, it says “Great party space but has to be arranged in advance with additional fee for any parties, so we can provide security and other services needed.”

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