Bachelorette Group Held At Gunpoint In Airbnb Robbery

A bachelorette party from Georgia said they were woken up by masked men with guns in their Nashville Airbnb. “It was supposed to be a fun time for the bride-to-be, and it ended up a nightmare.” Brittney Liverett said when they saw the listing on Airbnb, they were sold. “We just want people to know to check the area, because this Airbnb looked completely nice.” What was supposed to be a weekend trip to celebrate bride Chelsea Lewis took a terrifying turn. “It’s nothing that I would wish for anybody else,” Lewis said. The women said just before five in the morning of August 7, three masked men broke into their Airbnb on Meharry Boulevard. The men held one of their friends on the first floor at gunpoint, demanding to be handed valuables. The victim asked the suspects if he could go upstairs to retrieve them. “When he got up to the first room where there [were] two girls, he yelled to lock the doors,” Lewis explained. She and Liverett weren’t even aware of what was happening until police arrived. “I was woken up to the police,” Liverett said. “We were shocked to see officers in the room. We had no idea what was going on.”

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