Austin Man’s Home Listed on Airbnb Without His Permission

By Carlos Garcia

Airbnb gave an Austin homeowner a headache last month after he discovered his house was listed without his knowledge and he says getting it taken down was a tall order.

Earlier this year, homeowner Bob Griswold found a tenant for his house on the east side.

“And then he got arrested and now he’s in jail until March,” Griswold said.

Last month, something unusual popped up online: Bob’s house was on Airbnb. We obtained a copy of the lease Griswold’s tenant signed. It specifically bans subletting or short-term renting without written consent of the homeowner.

“Which pisses me off. That was my house. She’s not even a tenant. This woman who posted it I think was the girlfriend. She’s not on the lease and doesn’t live there,” Griswold said.

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