Airbnb Host’s Maryland House Trashed to the Tune of $10,000

By: Susan Hogan and Meredith Royster

An Airbnb host’s Maryland home became the site of a house party, and getting recompensed for thousands of dollars in damages proved difficult.

In August 2017, Danielle Edwards rented her Mount Rainier house to a woman who said she wanted a quiet girls weekend with friends.

“She said two of her friends were going to spend the weekend in D.C., and they just needed a place to sleep at night,” Edwards said.

But that’s not how the house was used, she said.

“When I pulled into the driveway, I saw Jell-O shot cups all over the front yard,” she said.

Then she went inside.

“There was trash everywhere,” she said. “There was also vomit everywhere.”

Floors were scratched, the walls had footprints on them and things were coated in slime, she said.

“There was underwear and a lot of feminine hygiene products just out and about on the floors,” she said. “I mean people had clearly been laying on the floors with their feet on the wall. I mean the things I was finding started to paint a little bit of a picture.”

The home caught the attention of police.

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