AIR B&E: Airbnb Accused Of Allowing Scam Artist To List Greensboro Home

You can host anything, anywhere!” reads a banner at “Apparently, even if it belongs to somebody else,” said a former Greensboro resident after the company allowed a fraudulent “host” to rent her home to UNCG students. The homeowner asked to be called Ann Bailey rather than her married name, and for the address of the property not to be printed. After verifying her identity, ownership, and address, which were also confirmed by the Greensboro Police Department and Airbnb, this writer agreed. On May 1, Bailey received a phone call from a former neighbor, who said, “there’s a huge party going on in your backyard.” The Baileys moved to Florida in late 2019, and their Greensboro residence is for sale, but they were not renting it out.

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