Russian scammers, U.K. gangs and US Scammers: most recent Airbnb revelations and more illegal activity

Airbnb rentals are becoming a major safety concern in neighborhoods around the world

Following recent news reports (listed below) of Russian scammers, and gang members in London and the U.S. utilizing Airbnb rentals as hubs for illegal activity, including money laundering, drug dealing and sexual assault, we are calling on government officials across the country to step in to regulate short-term rentals like Airbnb TODAY.

Recent Headlines



Drug Lords Use Airbnb hideouts  

The Times (London)




“The National Crime Agency (UK) said that young girls and boys groomed by drug gangs had suffered sexual exploitation and that children were often forced to carry drugs inside body cavities”


Airbnb reportedly being used to launder Yahoo News

Russian scammers are leveraging Airbnb to launder dirty cash from stolen credit cards with the help of corrupt hosts”


Airbnb House Party, Shooting Has SF Neighborhood in Uproar  

NBC Bay Area

(San Francisco)



“Had Airbnb not sued the city, preventing [registration] from being implemented, then we would have kept this horrific incident in the city,” City Supervisor Hilary Ronen


Airbnb becomes flash point in the District’s hot debate over gentrification The Washington Post

(District of Columbia)
“‘You see all sorts of strange people coming and going’ at Airbnbs.  ‘Somebody may want to rent a room who is a psycho killer,’” Mary Cuthbert, vice president of Congress Heights Community Association

These horrendously awful news stories linked to Airbnb rentals are becoming a trend. When is enough going to be enough for government officials across the U.S. to pass meaningful regulations to protect our neighborhoods, consumers and children? Airbnb’s lack of transparency and its enabling of law-breakers is harming communities in the U.S and abroad.

Legislators must pass stronger short-term rental regulations and now.