An Open Letter to America’s Mayors

AirbnbWATCH is committed to holding Airbnb accountable for keeping communities and travelers safe by exposing how commercial operators are abusing short-term rental sites to transform residential properties into illegal hotels. Illegal hotels are disrupting neighborhoods, making communities less safe, and making it harder for America’s working families to find affordable housing in cities across the country. What’s more, they are hurting small business owners who play by the rules.

The fact is Airbnb could easily prevent commercial operators from abusing their site. But so far the company has refused, choosing instead to protect its profits by crafting secretive tax deals with municipalities that require only anonymized reporting of data to conceal any commercial activity taking place. That’s why AirbnbWATCH is calling on the nation’s mayors to demand more transparency from Airbnb about where commercial operators are turning residential properties into illegal hotels in their city. Local leaders need this data to protect families, travelers and small businesses in their community from the damage caused by illegal hotel operations, and Airbnb has no good reason for keeping it a secret any longer.

Watch our video on The Airbnb Community Con.


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