One Host, One Home, One (Not-So-Trustworthy) Source of Data

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Big news, folks. Big, big news.

Yesterday, Airbnb released a “report” about their activity in New York City.

Of course, we’ve seen this play before. Remember, back in November when they released data to the public (after a lengthy court fight)? Back then, they only made it available to public in hardcopy, after making an appointment.

Then, it turned out that they had actually scrubbed 1,500 illegal hotel listings beforehand. And then the folks Airbnb kicked off came right back.

To recap: the last time Airbnb released data, it was fudged, they had to apologize and then the bad actors came back.

Today, under pressure, they’ve released new data claiming innocence and light. So, who else is waiting for the other shoe to drop?

The new “report” is called “One Host, One Home.”

Cute, right?

It might more appropriately be called “Hundreds of Illegal Operators, Thousands of Illegal Listings.” Not to mention that they didn’t even release revenue numbers and excluded portions of the New York area outside the boundaries of the city itself.

Airbnb says: “We are committed to working with leaders in New York City on progressive policies that protect the middle class and help regular people share their permanent home.”

Really? What about in San Francisco? Not so interested in working with them.

Airbnb is currently engaged in a lawsuit against the City of San Francisco to avoid enforcement of a law that it helped pass.

Why should we trust Airbnb to tell us the full story in New York? They’ve never been transparent before and there’s no reason to believe that they’ll keep their promise now. Unless, perhaps, they’re worried about investors running scared.