NYC Slaps The First Fines on Illegal Airbnbs

Last October, New York signed a law authorizing the state to fine people who advertise illegal Airbnb units in order to protect residents against the rising tide of illicit short-term rentals.

Only after months of being called out for its bad behavior and under threat of added regulations did Airbnb even acknowledge its problem with illegal hotels and commercial operators in New York.

Airbnb certainly can’t deny the problem anymore because New York is cracking down.

According to the New York Post, a Manhattan landlord “once crowned one of NYC’s ‘Worst Landlords’ by a watchdog group in 2005” was hit with 12 violations of the law and a Brooklyn real estate broker was hit with five.

Considering each violation brings a $1,000 fine, these two might think twice about running illegal hotels on Airbnb in the future.

We already know that Airbnb doesn’t require units to have appropriate safety measures, but one of the properties busted by the city didn’t even have adequate fire alarms or sprinklers and used illegal subdivisions.

Time for these two to pay the piper and pull their Airbnb listings. Otherwise, as The Post reports, “they could be hit with a second set of violations, at $5,000 a pop.”