Shooting, Sex Crime and Theft: Airbnb Takes Halting Steps to Protect Its Users

Airbnb Inc. employees had a proposal in 2017 for making the home-sharing platform safer for both hosts and guests. Everyone who signs up Read More

Airbnb denies a report that it rejected a plan to require government IDs to sign up for the home-sharing service because it might hurt growth

Home-sharing company Airbnb has a platform that can make it vulnerable to a host of problems, like theft, vandalism Read More


Exploiting CDA 230 to prevent cities from protecting affordable housing and enabling commercial investors to kick long-term tenants to the Read More


Studies Show Airbnb & Short-Term Rentals Deplete Housing & Raise Rent Pricing. Read the latest factsheet here for more information. Read More

Big Tech Rental Platforms Exploit CDA 230 To Shield Illegal Activity

“Big Tech rental platforms, especially Airbnb and HomeAway, are shamefully exploiting CDA 230 to shield illegal rentals on their Read More

Home-sharing exacerbates lack of affordable housing

By Janeé Ayers A decade ago, Detroit made headlines for its infamous decline. Rows of vacant and blighted buildings illustrated on the Read More

REPORT: D.C. short-term rental ordinance could return more than 5,500 homes back into city’s housing stock in the near term

AirbnbWATCH released a report today with concerning statistics and trends regarding short-term vacation rentals in and provided a positive Read More

REPORT: Airbnb price gouging for Boston area college graduations

Boston Airbnb hosts increase prices by as much as $1,015 per night Airbnb sent email to hosts to raise rates, suggested renting out Read More

Airbnb Misleading their Hosts – and Communities Across the Country

While the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees kickoff a three-game series tonight in their legendary rivalry, government officials from Read More

REPORT: Airbnb price gouging could cost Kentucky Derby attendees thousands

AirbnbWATCH has revealed significant price gouging by Louisville Airbnb hosts, most of whom are commercial operators running multiple Read More

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