An Open Letter to America’s Mayors

AirbnbWATCH is committed to holding Airbnb accountable for keeping communities and travelers safe by exposing how commercial operators are Read More

Victory in the Fight Against Illegal Hotels in Chicago

In a historic vote last Wednesday, with strong support from the office of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, the Chicago City Council voted 43-7 to pass Read More

Airbnb Says One Thing, Does Another in Boston

Airbnb claims a typical host in Boston is just an average joe listing their home a few times per year to make a little extra money. Not so Read More

New York Attempts Ban of Illegal Hotel Ads on Airbnb

It certainly isn’t the first time Airbnb has been in hot water over ads. Remember their tone deaf ad campaign in San Francisco? Read More

A New Low in Airbnb’s Campaign to Hide the Truth from the Public

Last week, (after a new report exposed the disturbing degree to which Airbnb fosters illegal hotels in south Florida), the Tampa Bay Times Read More

Airbnb: Our Way or the Highway

Airbnb butted heads big time with the Chicago Mayor’s office this week, as the fight in the City Council to regulate home sharing got a Read More

South Florida’s Airbnb Problem

Miami: Sun. Sand. Salsa dancing. Illegal hotels? Oh yes. Turns out Miami is a national hotbed of illegal hotel activity. A new Read More

Ghost Hotels in the Windy City

Last week, on the heels of a new study on Airbnb in the Windy City, aldermen debated new ordinances that would regulate short-term Read More

Airbnb’s Purge Pattern

Seems like Airbnb’s data purging is becoming a pattern. After purging 1,500 listings in New York City before turning over data to Read More

NOLA’s Jazz Fest Spotlights More than Music

Word from Jazz Fest in NOLA is that hardworking local hotel and inn businesses were singing the blues, experiencing room vacancies during Read More

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