Protect your right to say what happens in your neighborhood

Local residents and elected officials should have the right to oversee short-term rental units leased through Airbnb, HomeAway or VRBO in their communities. Undermining local zoning and safety laws isn’t fair, and it’s bad for Michigan.

Yet bills introduced by Michigan lawmakers would give the growing number of short-term rentals unlimited access to neighborhoods and communities, while silencing the voices of those who must live near them. Local officials would not be able to make sure that short-term rentals are safe for visitors, appropriate for certain neighborhoods or paying their fair share of tourism taxes. In addition, both bills place additional burdens on local sewer, water, trash pick-up, parking, law enforcement and emergency services — with zero support to communities for those costs.

Local leaders and residents need a say in where the growing number of short-term rentals belong in their communities. Make sure your community – not just the state Legislature – has a say on how to address short-term rentals.

Tell Michigan lawmakers to oppose House Bill 4503 and Senate Bill 329.


Hear why Michiganders oppose short-term rentals

Homeowner Lucy Welch

“It was very disruptive. It’s like living next to a state park during the day and a fraternity house at night.”


Township Supervisor John Nash

“It’s not this idea that we eliminated all short-term rentals. We didn’t do that at all.”

Hotel Manager Shonda Isaac

“The short-term rentals do not have to abide by the same safety regulations.”


Bed & Breakfast Owner Mike Venturini

“Everyone should be on the same page, follow the same rules. And they’re not that hard to follow.”


Fire Chief Greg Janik

“Some of the homes we couldn’t even get near with a fire engine because there were so many cars. Safety is the biggest concern.”

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