“Regulations on bed and breakfasts ensure the safety and satisfaction of the consumer and protect the integrity of neighborhoods where we operate. Commercial Airbnb properties should be held to similar standards” – Linda Smith, owner of Rachael’s Dowry Bed & Breakfast 

Commercial home rentals – essentially unlicensed hotels – are harming Baltimore City residents and consumers.

Commercial operators are running short-term rentals as hotels on platforms like Airbnb and skirting standard regulations like taxes and safety features. They are turning big profits in residential neighborhoods at the expense of homeowners, consumers, and the city.

Across the country, studies have shown that commercial short-term rentals contribute to the affordable housing crisis by reducing the number of homes available to buy or rent long-term. Our city cannot afford the displacement and financial insecurity of rapidly increasing rent prices.

We must protect neighbors, legitimate short-term rental hosts, and consumers in Baltimore City with common-sense regulations on home-sharing and short-term rentals.

4 ways you can help:

1. Email your Baltimore City Councilmember and tell them you support regulations on commercial short-term rentals below.


2. Submit written testimony or testify in person at a City Council hearing by contacting us at [email protected].

3. Share your story! Whether you are a concerned homeowner, neighbor, Airbnb consumer, or short-term rental host, we want to hear from you. Click here or email [email protected].

4. Check out our downloadable Baltimore Fact Sheet and share it with your friends: Baltimore Fact Sheet