Hidden Risks to Summer Airbnb Rentals

According to a new survey by insurance company Assurant, “six out of 10 homeowners don’t know if their insurance policy covers short-term vacationers” and “about 40 percent don’t know who is responsible if a guest gets hurt on their property.”

An article on CNBC about the survey called it a “surprise risk.”

That’s not surprising to us. In most cases, hosts bear the full brunt of the liability in cases of injury. Sure, Airbnb offers some liability coverage, but there are limits – especially if the situation leads to legal action.

It’s risky enough for homeowners engaging in traditional, occasional home-sharing, but for commercial operators running illegal hotels on Airbnb, the dangers are even more serious.

Loretta Worters of the Insurance Information Institute says that regular short-term rentals should upgrade to a hotel insurance policy as standard homeowner’s policies won’t cover business activities.

So, if someone’s running a business out of their property like a hotel, they should follow the same rules and regulations as a hotel? Seems like a point we’ve made before…