Florida Woman Believes The Host Of Her AirBnB Planned To Sex Traffic Her And Her Friends

A woman from Florida went to stay at an AirBnB in Tulum and hoped to have a fun vacation. Instead, it was fraught with tension starting on arrival. The main guest, Amber Jackson, and her friends believed they were about to become sex trafficking victims.

First, there were the mystery splatters of paint on the door which Jackson thought looked like blood. She contacted the concierge and was told there was no cause for alarm, as it was actually paint. That didn’t allay her fears at all, but she and her friends decided to stay at the rental home as planned.

Next, Jackson noted that there was no way to lock the bedrooms. According to Apartments Apart, “she noticed that the keypads weren’t set for the rooms; it would essentially give anyone access to their rooms at any time. Jackson reconfigured the keypads herself.”

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