D.C.’s Illegal Hotel Loophole: Open “Long Enough”

Good news for Washington, D.C. neighborhoods overrun with illegal hotels!

Looks like the Airbnb fight is coming back to D.C. Multiple outlets have reported that a strong piece of legislation introduced by Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie would require Washingtonians who rent homes on Airbnb to be limited to one property and obtain a new short-term rental business license.

McDuffie said: “This has been going on long enough: it is time to create a clear, enforceable legal framework so that those who are exploiting the lack of regulations are stopped, and those who want to practice responsible home sharing can come into the light.”

We agree. Multi-unit commercial operators have overtaken those taking part in traditional home sharing, robbing neighborhoods of affordable housing in an already expensive market.

If the legislative fights in other cities are any indication, Airbnb will stop at nothing to push and bully their agenda through in D.C., too. We applaud Councilmember McDuffie for taking a bold stand on behalf of his constituents to close the illegal hotel loophole in the nation’s capital.