Boston Airbnb Fire Sends Seven to Hospital

Seven people –including one Airbnb guest – were hospitalized following a house fire in Somerville, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.

At least three people were forced to jump out windows to escape the burning home.

Thankfully, those involved in the harrowing experience are safe, but this incident underscores Airbnb’s negligence to make its hosts follow even the most basic health and safety regulations that all other lodging businesses must follow.

Much like Airbnb’s stance on paying taxes or monitoring illegal commercial operators, the $30 billion company is all too happy to let the burden fall solely on its users.

To make matters worse, an Airbnb spokesperson initially denied that the property was being used as an Airbnb, but eventually confirmed to CBS Boston that it was, indeed, listed on the site.

As states and cities across the country are pushing for greater regulation of Airbnb, it seems the least the company could do is ensure that its users are safe in the units they rent.