Alcohol, Blood, and Gunshots: Airbnb’s Reno Rager

It started off as a normal booking. A 19-year old renter, verified by Airbnb, was searching for a nice place in Reno for her parents to spend a weekend. The owner, Samantha Stremmel, suspected nothing out of the ordinary.

Stremmell’s property, a former boutique garden store, had just been transformed into an Airbnb rental. Situated along the Truckee River, Stremmel was sure to make rules to protect her beautiful property. Guests are limited to four visitors, and no parties or events are allowed under any circumstances. However, this week the young guest showed she had little regard for the rules.

Stremmell’s phone rang at 2:30am. On the other end of the line was the Reno Police Department, calling to inform Samantha that her property was currently the site of a massive party.

However, “massive party” doesn’t even begin to explain the scene at the garden rental unit. When she arrived, she found Reno’s 15 of Reno’s 18 police cars patrolling the city that night at her rental. Police officers were working to control an outrageous scene of over 60 underage party-goers. The house’s walls, now soaked with blood, housed handfuls of intoxicated teenagers. According to police and neighbors, even gunshots rang out from the out-of-control party.

While luckily no one was hurt in the violent party, the incident is another example of how short-term rentals are raising significant and warranted safety concerns in neighborhoods across the country.


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