Airbnb’s Not So Sweet 16: Broken Neighborhoods


Basketball fans around the country are tuning in to see which team will be the big winner of NCAA’s March Madness tournament. However, there’s another competition playing out every day in neighborhoods across America – and it has to do with safe communities and affordable housing.

As it expands, Airbnb seems to be competing with itself to find new ways to ruin strong communities by replacing neighbors with dangerous strangers and big problems.  Let’s meet some of the competitors:

Attributes like “safety,” “friendly neighbors,” “affordable housing” and “peace of mind” are valued in every community, making them fan favorites.  These are the places we spend our time, raise our children and build relationships with friends.  Before Airbnb and other short-term rental services entered the scene, these are the things that countless Americans loved about their neighborhoods.

However, these pillars of strong neighborhoods face tough competition from Airbnb.  Because of the lack of regulations and bad actors – namely commercial landlords buying and renting hundreds of units at a time – which Airbnb willfully ignores, our communities are matched up against “crime,” “house parties,” “dangerous strangers” and more.

Faced with Airbnb’s many negative side effects, neighborhoods around the country are becoming unrecognizable to residents who have lived in them their entire lives.  When commercial landlords are allowed to buy up multiple residences and replace neighbors with strangers and dangerous illegal hotels, the fabric of our communities – what people have come to love about where they live – is torn apart.

The winners of Airbnb’s Not So Sweet 16 sure aren’t the families living in neighborhoods across America.  When our safe, stable communities face up against Airbnb and its no-rules tactics, broken neighborhoods come out on top.

It’s time to stop Airbnb and its illegal hotels and commercial landlords from driving out residents, jacking up rent and destroying our communities!  We must regulate short-term rentals to promote healthy, safe neighborhoods.

Take action today.  Call on your city council to lead the way!


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