Airbnb’s LA Report Card: F

Exactly a year ago this week, Airbnb unveiled its “Community Compact,” a big promise to work with cities to pay their fair share of taxes and prevent short-term rentals from impacting affordable housing. How are they doing? Let’s take a look:

Not only have they failed to cooperate with cities across the country, but they’ve proactively refused to provide accurate data to policymakers in New York, bullied lawmakers in Chicago, and sued their hometown of San Francisco (and a few other cities as well).

Does this sound like a friendly, cooperative company devoted to helping middle class families?


Meanwhile, Airbnb is busy ‘glamming’ it up in downtown Los Angeles this week, hosting their annual promotional festival at the city’s “historic movie palaces” with celebrities and musicians. Protesters representing labor union members and affordable housing advocates had their own gathering, to raise awareness of the damage Airbnb and its army of commercial operators  running illegal hotels in the city are doing to middle class families, causing evictions and spiking rent prices.

Too bad Airbnb is too busy partying it up with Ashton Kutcher and Maroon 5 to hear Los Angeles residents’ call for fairness and accountability.