Airbnb’s Illegal Hotels Face Lawsuit from Aimco

Aimco continues its legal pursuit of Airbnb’s rampant, dangerous commercially-operated rentals.
These illegal hotels – which take affordable, available housing units off the market, drive up housing and rental costs, and bring a revolving door of strangers into local buildings and neighborhoods – are being brought to light through Aimco’s suit.
The latest update says the following:
Aimco is taking this action after the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California dismissed a lawsuit that the company filed against Airbnb in February 2017, after Airbnb ignored Aimco’s previous requests to stop booking short-term rentals of Aimco apartments, in violation of its leases and Los Angeles housing codes. A separate lawsuit Aimco filed against Airbnb in Florida is still pending.
“We are standing up for the rights of our company and our residents who want and expect to live in peaceful, quiet residential communities,” said Aimco Executive Vice President of Operations Keith Kimmel. “Our residents do not want to live in a de-facto hotel for spring-break partiers, vacationers and other unvetted strangers who disturb the peace at all hours, who have caused significant property damage, and who pose a safety risk to our residents.”

Read Aimco’s full statement here.
The laundry list of concerns and complaints listed above mirrors those of residents in cities across the country that face the same issues from these illegal Airbnb hotels. Aimco even goes on to say it “frequently receives comments from our residents about the problems caused by short-term rental activity, which creates an atmosphere that is oftentimes less like a comfortable home and more like a busy hotel… Aimco wants to ensure that our residents live in a safe, respectful environment, where they can get to know their neighbors and have community without having to worry about disturbances and security concerns by trespassers.”
The Aimco suit offers yet more proof of the need for regulation that reins in abusive short-term rentals like those through Airbnb. Visit our action center at to see how you can make a difference or help us spread the word about Airbnb’s outrageous activities on Facebook and Twitter.

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