Airbnb’s Hometown Lawsuit

Airbnb is headed to federal court Thursday to go to battle with its hometown of San Francisco. This hearing is part of a lawsuit Airbnb filed back in June to block a new city ordinance that would force short-term rental platforms, like Airbnb, to share the registration numbers of their hosts with the city. Under the ordinance, the city would be able to fine Airbnb up to $1,000 a day for each unregistered host on its site.

Of course, Airbnb’s lack of compliance and tendency to skirt the rules isn’t news to us. Just look at its track record.

Fortune: Airbnb Sues Its Hometown Over Latest Short-Term Rental Crackdown

“This [lawsuit] is an unprecedented step for Airbnb, and one we do not take lightly, but we believe it’s the best way to protect our community of hosts and guests.”

All about protecting your hosts, huh? Hold that thought… [Read the Article]

Los Angeles Times: Airbnb’s legal argument: Don’t hold us accountable for the actions of our hosts

“…the short-term rental giant is arguing that although some people might be breaking the law by listing property on Airbnb without first registering with the city, Airbnb isn’t responsible — and can’t be held accountable — for what people decide to list on its platform.”

Now Airbnb is throwing its users under the bus. Way to protect your community of hosts. [Read the Article]

The New York Times: Airbnb in Disputes With New York and San Francisco

“Airbnb is proving that it wants to play by its own rules, that it believes that it is entitled to something no business has, absolute freedom to operate free of responsibility and oversight,” [David Campos, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors] said. “It’s their way or the highway.”

Typical. [Read the Article]

Bloomberg: Airbnb’s San Francisco Showdown May Set Rules for Gig Economy

“Airbnb Inc. has a message for cities that try to enforce rules that crimp its couch-surfing style: See you in court.”

Forget all that big talk in Airbnb’s “community compact” about working with cities. [Read the Article]

Skift: Airbnb’s Proposed Tax Agreements With Cities Raise More Questions Than Answers

“This report I commissioned reveals that Airbnb continues to blatantly flout our local short-term rental law – a law that Airbnb itself helped draft,” said San Francisco Supervisor David Campos. “The findings make it clear that this company cannot regulate itself, contrary to its claims.”

Airbnb doesn’t want to help enforce the very law that it helped write. Seriously. [Read the Article]

Los Angeles Times : Airbnb sues Santa Monica over short-term rental ban

“The ordinance mandates the property owners, or ‘hosts,’ meet requirements such as posting their business licenses on their online listings and adhering to city fire and building codes. The law also subjects data held by the rental websites to review.”

Obeying fire and building codes?! You’re right, Airbnb… that’s just unreasonable! [Read the Article]

For a company with a “community compact,” Airbnb sure isn’t being very neighborly.

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